prosperity of the Twenties


As the Great War came to a close, America turned to a peacetime of consumption and prosperity known as the Roaring Twenties.  The era was marked by flourishing and innovative businesses, a newfound wealth and lifestyle of convenience, and a transformed society & popular culture.  All of this was, however, a prelude to an economic depression that the United States and much of the world has not seen since that time.

Watch the Twenties Prosperity Slideshow (linked below) and list specific characteristics of the slides that depict prosperity.  Be prepared to discuss how the era, as seen in the images, was a prosperous time.

  1. Twenties Prosperity (PowerPoint)

Twenties Prosperity Written Response

In paragraph form, describe the meaning of the term prosperity and explain two specific ways that it was reflected in the 1920s.  Provide examples and be descriptive in your explanation of the prosperity you observed in the slideshow, read about in the text (Chapter 13, Sections 1-3; pages 432-451) or other sources, and discussed in class.

Written Response Rubric (16 points)

(2) Focus - writing focuses on the main idea & specific point in the prompt

  1. (8)Content - Logical & accurate application of examples of prosperity during the 20s

  2. (2)Organization - writing makes use of topic sentences with supporting details & concluding thoughts (transitions used if multiple paragraphs)

(2) Style - writing uses a variety of words & sentence structures; possesses a voice & tone; avoids:  pronouns & non-specific words, generic concluding terms, first person, “you” tone

(2) Conventions - follows writing guidelines (shows command of grammar/usage rules, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, sentence construction, etc.)


The prosperity of the 1920s can be seen in the images above: Westinghouse household appliance ad (, Model T (, dancing the Charleston ( Photos below: Warners’ Theatre (, electric radio (, 1920s fashions (